About VarnaDisplay

VARNA DISPLAY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is one of the leading Companies in India specializing in the field of Digital Display such as True Color LED Video Display Board, Fixed Information Display Systems, Electronic Score Board & Scoring Systems and Timing System for different games. Taking care of entire project management, VARNA DISPLAY has been providing a wide range of services to business houses - both large and small industries, trading houses and public sector undertakings. This has been achieved in a very short span of a few years through dedicated efforts and personalized services by the management and the technical staff. VARNA DISPLAY was started by two young entrepreneurs with engineering knowledge and vast experience in the industry in the field of Project Implementations, Information Technology and communications. The company has continuously grown by implementing specific projects in the sports field. The company now has one full time director and a highly qualified and dedicated team of staff.

The Company was started with main objective in Information Display Systems, Project Implementations and consultancy. After establishing its strength in this field it has diversified its activities in the area of Software and Hardware design, development and consultancy. Today the range of VARNA’s activities includes:
- Turnkey Project Implementation
- Consultancy
- Project Designing and Development
- Game management and Electronic Timing.
- Research and Development
The company is expanding its activities in manufacturing of the products developed in-house.

At VARNA DISPLAY excellence is the keyword. Excellence in Display Systems, Software, Hardware development and Project Management is achieved through consistent use of latest tools, technologies and methodology. The same standards are reflected in our documentation, customer support, training and other related aspects. The organization largely relies on its expertise in managing projects and delivering on schedule and its expertise of handling complex systems involving a variety of mechanical and civil infrastructure development. The company is committed to the creative use of human resource and modern technology in infrastructure development. A commitment to the user. To meet his needs and look after is interests. To provide competitive, high quality services and support, and offer cost effective solutions to his needs.

Our Team:
The biggest assets at VARNA are its people. They are experienced, trained, highly qualified, competent and willing to run the extra mile. A brilliant team of design engineers, Implementation and support personnel bring to their job a special insight. They are versatile and well versed in finding logical, easy-to-follow and economical answers to client's needs by designing and developing system that incorporate the latest innovations.